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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

In 2017, the addition of Wascana Centre to the Provincial Capital Commission further enhanced its mandate to preserve and promote the history and culture of Saskatchewan and to ensure that Saskatchewan’s capital continues to remain a source of pride for the people of Saskatchewan, and a source of interest to visitors to Saskatchewan.


Statue of Saskatchewan’s First Premier Walter Scott


Inspiring pride and fostering connections to Saskatchewan’s Capital City.


To enhance the quality of life by creating community partnerships, promoting visitor experiences and providing stewardship of the land and assets within the Provincial Capital Commission.


Enhance the quality of life for our citizens through the celebration and creation of opportunities, stewardship of the land, and engagement of our youth about our democracy and provincial history. Promote, preserve and strengthen our diverse heritage and culture to ensure that Saskatchewan’s Capital City is a source of provincial pride and significance.

The Provincial Capital Commission is an agent of the Crown within the Province of Saskatchewan.

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